Sustainable supply chain

We are dedicated to being an active part of a sustainable supply chain regularly monitoring and reviewing our cooperation with suppliers and customers also from ESG perspective.

Trocellen Group align it’s procurement activities on the Furukawa Electric Group procurement approach:

1. Fairness and Integrity

We are open to any and all business partners in accordance with the principle of free competition and we all act with fairness and integrity.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and CSR Procurement

Toward the realization of a sustainable society, we conduct our procurement activities considering environment preservation and safe operation in comply with all applicable laws and regulations and we do fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility.

3. Partnership

We always value relationships of mutual trust with our business partners to create new values by collaboration. We pursue to optimize our procurement conditions from the viewpoint of quality, cost, delivery, technological capabilities and ESG activities.

CSR Procurement Guideline

Trocellen Group Commitments towards Sustainability in the supply chain:

  • Build discussions around Sustainability and environmental roadmaps with partners
  • Inform partners about CSR Procurement guideline and get assessed key suppliers by ESG risks