The Trocellen Group regards compliance as “not only observing laws and regulations, but also as acting in accordance with the values and ethics required of the company and its employees as responsible members of society”.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines fundamental rules of behavior for Trocellen executives and employees. Trocellen expects the Group’s employees to make a positive, contribution to the Group’s management policy, which they carry out in the course of their daily routine. It therefore requires the Group’s employees to adhere to the core values and principles expressed in the Code of Conduct.

In particular, this involves:

  • Human rights
  • Working conditions and environment
  • Environment
  • Products and services
  • International businesses and transactions
  • Fair competition
  • Relations with customers, partners, and society
  • Management and preservation of Company assets
  • Disclosure of information
  • Duties and obligations of senior management and employees

CSR CODE OF CONDUCT for Trocellen (part of the Furukawa Electric Group)

Trocellen Group, as the subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Group is a participant in the UN Global Compact, follows the Ten Principles.


As a member of the Furukawa Electric Group Trocellen has always been committed to fully complying with the anti-corruption requirements in its management as well as its operations. Internationally, anti-corruption laws are becoming ever stricter and governments are becoming more and more active in their enforcement.

We formulated the Group Anti-Bribery Statement, the Anti-Bribery Guide and an Anti-Bribery Organisation which was introduced and implemented in fiscal year 2013.

We state emphatically that it is a matter of principle for Trocellen to abide by all relevant anti-corruption laws and by all related regulations that are locally applicable wherever Trocellen has operations.

We absolutely refuse to take or provide undue advantages in our operations and we strive to maintain the highest-level of business integrity. This means, in part, that we require all agents in contact with our organisations as well as all our business partners to also comply with the above mentioned anti-corruption legislations.

The Furukawa Electric Group Anti-Bribery Statement

Whistleblowing System

The key value of the Trocellen Group is responsibility.

Responsibility – in the broadest possible sense – towards our employees, our partners, society and our planet. We are committed to transparent, ethical and legally compliant business conduct.

Trocellen Group’s whistleblowing systems are designed to protect the Trocellen Group’s culture, and trust-based partnerships in order to detect and correct misconduct early.

Trocellen Group’s whistleblowing systems create an opportunity for our internal and external partners to speak up and raise concerns without fear, using assured anonymity based on third-party managed, external systems.

Whilst taking full account of the need to ensure that the whistleblower is not disadvantaged in any way, the Whistleblowing Office takes a rigorous approach to the content of whistleblowing reports, investigates them promptly and takes appropriate action.

What concerns should be reported?

  • criminal offences, including fraud
  • failure to comply with a legal obligation
  • miscarriages of justice
  • endangering someone’s health and safety
  • damage to the environment
  • employee grievances, concerns about conduct that does not comply with Trocellen Group’s Code of Conduct, harassment or discrimination

How to report?

Please use the website listed next to the Trocellen Group company you wish to report: