TROCELLEN TEAMS’ contribution to sustainabilty


All employees of the Trocellen Group recognize that conservation of the global environment is a serious issue confronting the international community, and we pledge to contribute to a sustainable future.

We are taking care of our colleague’s awareness of sustainability topics by organizing educational presentations, intranet, and our internal TV channels.

Besides many other, paying attention to the followings are part of our culture and daily routine:

  • Economizing the energy- and water consumption
  • collecting the waste selectively
  • thinking before printing, saving not just the paper but also the toners
  • carefully planning corporate trips

If you want to know more what are Trocellen Group’s environmental targets, check it out here.

Commitment to Society

Trocellen Group will continuously undertake social contribution activities focusing on nurturing future generations, promoting sport and culture, and living in harmony with the natural environment and local communities in addition to its business-related activities. We are committed to maintain and strengthen community ties built over centuries and create a better tomorrow for future generations.

How we take our share of the actions:

  • Giving back to society
    • We do donations in different forms – giving our products for good causes and to those who are in need, or offering our time and personal efforts next to the financial aids.
      • We gave humanitarian aid to the refugees in Ukraine through many organizations, such as International Red Cross and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid
      • In 2020 Trocellen SEA’s made widespread actions to stop the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the burden on healthcare (production of face shields and donation of PPE gears, electrical hospital beds, next to giving goodie bags to Healthcare workers)
      • We support homeless shelters in Hungary and Germany with sleeping mats
      • Since 2018 annual fund raising event organized by Trocellen SEA to support Malaysian orphanages and old folk’s homes
  • Promoting mental and physical well-being
    • With our products for the sport industry we are there to support organizations and event aiming to promote healthy lifestyle.
      • We gave product donations for football fields, tatamis for martial arts, fitness mats for organizations supporting young generations but even archery targets
    • Living closely within the local communities each Trocellen company is taking part in organizing and supporting local cultural events.
  • Living in harmony with the natural environment
    • Today’s increasingly frequent environmental disasters require multifaceted action. With our every action TC Group aims to minimize it’s impact on the natural environment and our companies are also do its’ best to support victims of floods, tsunamis, earthquakes whenever it is needed.


We live what we preach. We stuck to our highest ethical standard in every level of our operation. Code of conduct is our credo, not just a bunch of empty words.

We like to have open doors and communication throughout our organisation, as the basis of our culture. This minimalize misunderstandings and ensure the cleanliness of the communication. 

Inclusion and diversity. Two trendy expressions. For us, equality was natural from the very beginning. The selection criteria was always the professionalism, attitude and personality, never age, sex, ethnicity, religion, etc. And we think this is one of Trocellen’s secret. Diversity and inclusion is our nature, as it always was.