Recycled raw material

Foams with recycled material content

By using recycled materials, we can take part in the circular economy, so this is a top priority topic for Trocellen. Using recycled materials reduces the environmental impact of our foams in two ways:

  • the recycling of plastic waste is more environmentally friendly than extracting and refining petroleum, then turning it into plastic;
  • the recycled waste does not have to be incinerated or landfilled, so the associated pollution can be avoided.

Due to our manufacturing technology and the high product quality we provide, it is a major technical challenge to use recycled materials in foam production. Our team is doing its best to develop foam grades that have higher and higher quantities of recycled material and offer the widest possible range of sustainable products for our customers.

Please contact us to get the latest news about our developments and where we are in our progress of pushing the limits of recycled content.