Halogen free foam

Health and safety for all:
humans, wildlife, environment.

We make no compromise – starting from material development till the last day of use, and even beyond. Neither in safety, nor in quality.

Our new halogen free foam portfolio – which is produced without any kind of halogen (eg: bromine, chlorine) or heavy metal containing compounds – provides the usual high technical performance while meeting new and more sophisticated customer needs as well.

Flame retardants are key components for foam production and are applied to our products for safety reasons: to prevent the start or slow down the growth of a fire! Today´s flame retardants have many variations, and Trocellen is already using the ethane type which is considered less critical than the other types: test results proves that the flame retardant we are using do not add dangerous components to the smoke released in a fire case (tested according to several norms of construction, marine and railway sector). This is already a step forward but not enough for our future!

HF – this stands for a novel Trocellen brand of flame retardant PE foams that are produced without any kind of halogen- (bromine, chlorine) or heavy metal containing compounds!

The new halogen free flame retardant product portfolio is already available for the Automotive industry (DIN 75200 with a rate of flame spread < 75 mm/min) and many other applications. Please check your demand with our sales team!


  • Keeps the original foam respective technical and mechanical properties, such as the long-lasting thermal stability, compression strength and low VOC values.
  • environmental friendly
  • does not contain halogens such as bromide and chloride
  • does not contain any heavy metal such as antimony
  • in case of fire, it does not add any dangerous component to the smoke