Trocellen Method

Trocellen is much more than a simple foam and raw material manufacturer. Although it is connected to the foam and it’s technologies, the cornerstones of Trocellen’s activity are also strong industry expertise, long term business experience and established partnerships, design and development capabilities, effective processes and the ability to learn and evolve.

The TROCELLEN METHOD is Trocellen’s unique way to overarch the entire value creation process from material design till complex products and solutions, creating value for the industry, our partners and the end users.

What makes our foam based solutions so unique in the market?

  • Effective process starting from needs, ending in ready to use/apply products and solutions,
  • Extensive knowledge about the foam itself, capability to shape the final solution even through going down to the levels of molecules,
  • Wide range of developing, manufacturing and converting know-how, capacities and skills,
  • Deep knowledge and valuable insights of several industries,
  • Reliability and trust – our partners can counts on us, we have deep, strong relations with them,
  • Fruitful, long term cooperation based on thinking and working together to realize excellent solutions,
  • Professional services,
  • Real solutions for our partners’ and our industries’ needs.