Bio-based – TR-EECell

Brand new, bio-based & cross-linked polyetylene foam, certified at the highest level!

Manufacturing foam is in the Nature of Trocellen. And Nature is our direction with our brand new innovative product: Trocellen TR-EECell represents a big step towards environmental sustainability.

TR-EEcell is our bio-based cross-linked polyolefin foam. The product contains raw materials derived from biomass (sugar cane). The process of exploiting the sugar cane usually involves five squeezing steps: The juice from the first two steps is destined for the production of brown sugar for human consumption, while the remaining three steps generate a less valuable juice and not suitable for the production of food sugar.

The ethanol necessary for our foam comes from fermented sugar cane juices extracted during the last three squeezing steps, therefore unsuitable for human consumption. From the polymerization of this ethanol the polymers necessary for the production of bio-based PE foam are obtained. Furthermore, even the remaining parts of the sugar cane are not wasted: the final residues of the juices (bagasse) are incinerated, thus producing energy used in the production process of sugar and ethanol and thus giving a further and significant contribution to sustainability.


All our existing types could have a portion of the “bio-based” resin in specific percentage, according to the recipes and the technical feasibility. 

As we consider relevant to declare the non-fossil polyolefin resin part for the future responsible utilization of the products, we adopted the (3rd party) DIN CERTCO certification, in order to get stated what is the actual amount of that content of the specific TR-EEcell type, in the range of 20-50%, 50-85% or >85%.

As example, our TR-EEcell N and RN bio-based types are manufactured at >85% of Bio-based content.

TR-EECell is:


Trocellen closed-cell polyethylene foam. Only the sources changed, the final result is the same.


Renewable and natural source supports the capture of CO2, avoiding pollution and fostering the fight against global warming.


The product has the same technical features than other Trocellen polyethylene foam products.


Suitable for several applications, due to its high quality and processability.


The bio-based content has been certified by accredited external laboratory according to ASTM D6866-16


The processing waste from sugar cane is reused for the production of a long lasting product, increasing enormously the lifetime of the material.