What is NatureLoop?

The NatureLoop brand incorporates the Trocellen Group’s products that demonstrate and reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility and the continuous innovation to provide sustainable solutions. The Trocellen Group’s goal is that by 2025 all new products will be ecodesigned. In order to achieve our carbon neutrality goal, the continuous improvement of our product portfolio is at the core of our corporate environmental footprint reduction activities. We will highlight products under the umbrella brand that deliver significant CO2 emission reductions compared to the industry and classic product portfolios.

Why NatureLoop?

The TC Group’s sustainability strategy has 2 main ambitions for the environmental pillar:

1. The word “Nature” symbolises our commitment to reducing the impact of climate change

  • Our aim is to contribute to a society living in harmony with nature, preserving biodiversity through our NatureLoop products and services;
  • Our general and product-specific activities in this direction – e.g. our German, Hungarian and Italian factories use 100% renewable electricity; minimising the use of depletable resources through our biobased foam solution and the product portfolio based on it – have an impact on the reduction of the environmental footprint of our products.

2. The word “Loop” stands for our commitment to actively participate in the development and operation of a circular economy

  • In contrast to the linear model, the circular model aims to ensure a continuous flow of materials in the system by creating closed loops through processes such as reuse, repair, remanufacture and recycling. TC group aims to develop innovations that ensure the closure of the loops by focusing on eco-design, reuse and recycling.