Employee care

Trocellen is a lot more than the sum of our facilities, technologies, processes and solutions. Our company is the place to create, develop, contribute and belong to. The key to this: OUR PEOPLE. Their knowledge and experience, passion and enthusiasm, responsibility and care, creativity and endurance.

We do our best to ensure the supportive and healthy environment for creation, the diverse opportunities for personal development and education, the interesting and motivating tasks to progress and fulfillment, and an attractive compensation and benefit package for employee satisfaction.

1. Employee wellbeing

Happy and healthy employees are what make our business thrive.

Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, it is essential to us that they feel happy, comfortable and fulfilled at Trocellen.

First and foremost, we are committed to providing an environment that supports Work- Life balance. Balancing professional and private life is crucial for both living and working well – two things that are deeply connected.Our teams manage processes, working conditions, communication and expectations in order to ensure the right career-family balance everywhere.

Trocellen is lucky to have a diverse and international team, and we try our best to provide locally relevant benefits for our employees.

2. Health and safety

Safety comes first for everyone at Trocellen.

The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance. We want our employees to feel safe at work and are committed to creating a healthy and comfortable work environment at all levels of our organization.

Every manager at Trocellen knows that their main responsibility to their team is guaranteeing their safety. Within the Trocellen Group the overall rule is Safety first! No exception.

We are continuously improving our working conditions, including machineries, equipment, production processes, as well as reviewing and developing internal security procedures. This allows us to build an increasingly safe work environment. Safety comes first at all times to achieve our zero accident goal.

Our Health and Safety Department’s primary mission is to protect our people. But we also know that in order to achieve this we need safety-conscious people, who are trained, attentive and motivated to keep their colleagues and themselves safe. Training and awareness sessions are conducted to make sure we are all working towards the same goal.

Here at Trocellen we believe in the common efforts, which makes us a great – and healthy – workplace.

3. Flexible working

Tailor-made to every employee

Every human is different, and we try our best to provide employees with the possibility to design the work arrangement that better fits their needs.

Since the pandemic hit, companies and employees have learnt that they can work remotely and hit the same level of success as being on site. However, not everyone likes to work from home and would rather spend time at the office with colleagues. Additionally, some positions may require that the employee works from the office and some may not.

At Trocellen we apply a smartworking (hybrid model) whenever possible, offering tailor-made solutions to maximize both efficiency and employee satisfaction. We go out of our way to make sure each employee has the best possible working arrangement to suit their needs, the requirements of their role and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

4. Training and development

We love to see our employees grow!

At Trocellen we are sure that investing in our employees’ personal development and education is a win-win situation.

We work under a  “Challenge and Support” system, meaning we will provide our employees with interesting challenges and give them the support they need to achieve them. 

Each employee’s goals and development opportunities are discussed in annual feedback meetings. This is a great opportunity for the employee to learn about their strengths and development opportunities, and discuss training needs with their manager.

We empower our employees to take control of their professional trajectory. After the annual feedback meeting both the employee and their manager define the career path that the employee will work on for the coming year(s). This is how we make sure our employees are engaged and motivated, and our company has the qualified and trained workforce we need to become the best at what we do.

5. Supportive environment

Comfortable Infrastructure and Amazing Company Culture.

Being comfortable at work is a must to achieve great things. This is why at Trocellen we provide our employees with modern and comfortable offices that include dining rooms, common areas, and also proper (new or renovated) service areas for the factory workers. We also provide the best tools for those team members working from home.

But we go beyond the tangible things. Creating a supporting environment is all about company culture and which at Trocellen is defined by cooperativeness, supportiveness, and friendliness. We achieve great things individually, but greater things as a team.

We also work on having effective, open and clear communication, with open door policies, company-wide programs, corporate events, joint CSR promotions and more.

6. Loyalty rewarded

Loyalty is noticed, celebrated and rewarded.

Nothing makes us happier than having our employees choose Trocellen for the long run. Although it differs country by country due to the local laws and regulation, our loyalty recognition programs always deliver the same message: We are glad to have you working with us!

We work very hard to create the best environment for employees to feel happy, comfortable and fulfilled so they keep choosing Trocellen as an employer.  And we can proudly say that more than 50% of our employees are Trocellen veterans, having worked with us for more than 10-20-30, and even 35 years!

We offer different loyalty recognition rewards such as extra days of vacation, cash incentives, etc. Rewards are in accordance with local laws and regulations.