Wellstepp’s first public event


The new WellStepp Kids made an appearance at the Annual Meeting of the Hungarian Rehabilitation Society.

The main audience of the conference was also the targeted audience of the WellStepp Kids product. As we bring awareness to our new product line to the orthopedic specialists and physiotherapists, it facilitates to reach our target audience, which are the parents of the children. More than 1200 guests were expected to visit the conference, including orthopedic specialists, clinic managers, and physiotherapists.

Orthopedic specialist, Dr. Eva Kerekes gave lectures on both days of the conference on the topic of the beneficial effects of the sensory mat. The lecture and the related article emphasized how we included the required effect in the development process of WellStepp.

This first appearance of the new WellStepp Kids line indicated that there is an interest toward the product from the professional audience. We plan to reach out to this target audience through multiple channels in the future.

To access more information about the product line, click: https://wellstepp.eu/