Szilvi Básthy


Digital Marketing Manager,
Marketing Manager at BU Insulation

When did you join the company? What was your first position?

I started working here in the spring of 2006, as the assistant of the Hungarian affiliate’s Managing Director.

Tell us about your background and qualifications.

When I joined the company I had 15+ years of experience as an assistant and good English and French skills. As for my qualifications, I had recently graduated from college as a business economist specialised in PR and marketing, but I couldn’t find a position in this field at that time.

How and when did you transfer to marketing?

At that time the group did not have a marketing specialist in Hungary yet, and I got involved in more and more marketing tasks. At first these were operative tasks, and later, as the business units were organised, I also supported those.

In the meantime the central marketing organisation of Trocellen Group was restructured and developed a stronger cooperation with the affiliates—and the number and complexity of tasks grew exponentially. After a while I had to decide which position I wanted to keep as it wasn’t possible to do both. That was when I transferred to the marketing department.

What are your key responsibilities today?

I have two main responsibilities:

I provide full marketing support to the Insulation BU, which involves preparing analyses for the business strategy, planning the marketing support for business objectives and their implementation. I keep in touch with the colleagues is Sales, and in the company our BU was the first to use automated online communication with potential and existing customers—I was the project manager of the implementation.

My other responsibility is the online communication of the Trocellen Group, which includes the operation, development and analysis of the central website in 6 languages, and also intranet communication. This involves a lot of organisational work.

You joined the company 16 years ago. Why do still like working here?

I like the atmosphere here at Trocellen, it is supportive and friendly. It is a nice workplace, with no animosity and conflicts among the colleagues.

I like that there are always opportunities for development. Marketing and communication are fields that change rapidly, if you work in these fields you need to keep learning. I’m grateful that the company has always supported my professional development. When I started working in my new position, I received a lot of professional support to refresh my skills. Later I had the opportunity to get an MSc in marketing management, in English. I keep learning about the digital field, about social media, online campaigns and ads and SEO.

Share something with us about your private life, about your hobbies so that we can get to know you a little bit better. Is a work-life balance difficult to achieve?

I love animals. My husband and I now have two Briards. I spend a lot of my free time hiking, I write a blog about how to take care of dogs properly and I read a lot. When there is no lockdown, we travel a lot, this is our main hobby.

What is your advice for new hires? What should they do to have such a successful career at Trocellen?

You must learn and be determined. If you are interested in something, follow that path, learn, and show your skills to your bosses. This is a supportive environment. At the annual appraisal, talk about how you want to develop and find a solution together that suits your ambitions.