What must be considered when storing polyethylene foam (PE foam)?


Conditions for safe storage

When storing PE foam, we need to follow several rules in order to maintain the highest quality of the material as possible.

Polyethylene foam products should always be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area on pallets raised off the ground. The ideal temperature for the material is close to the room climate.

PE foam must not be stored outdoors, especially in rain and sunshine as it will damage the material long term. Foam products should be kept away from high temperature and any source of ignition, such as sparks or open flames.


  • Suitable: Bulk containers, boxes (ideals for small rolls), PE Bags


  • in ventilated trailers
  • avoid any kind of ignition source when opening the door (matches, cigarettes, sparks, lighters)
  • allow air circulation after door opening
  • control of additional vapor or dust emissions