Róbert Virágh


Product Development group leader

When did you join the company? What was your first position?

I joined Polifoam as an application engineer in 2011. As the company soon faced new challenges, I found myself in product development pretty soon.

Tell us about your background and qualifications.

I had a degree in technical engineering and agricultural engineering and 8 years of experience at a company manufacturing garden machinery.

What led to your appointment?

When new people joined our team and responsibilities were defined, I was offered this position.

What are your key responsibilities today?

Everything you need from the inception of an idea to serial production— tool design, producing samples, supporting cost and quality planning, taking products into serial production, and liaising with foreign affiliates.

You joined the company 11 years ago. Why do you still like working here?

Because I work with a great team, and it’s great to see that I can contribute to the company’s development.

Share something with us about your private life, about your hobbies so that we can get to know you a little bit better. Is a work-life balance difficult to achieve?

I have two lively sons—I spend 99% of my free time with them. The remaining 1% is for gardening, cycling, hiking, dumbbell workout, roller-skating, swimming, running, motorcycling, and watching films. It’s not easy to cram everything into this 1%…

What is your advice for new hires? What should they do to have such a successful career at Trocellen?

Be open and curious about new things and develop great work ethics. If these two things are there, I believe sooner or later your potential will be recognised.