Poobalan Nagappan


IT & Administration Executive

Tell us about how long you’ve been working for the company and what position you started in?

I have been working at Trocellen South-East Asia since July 2017 as aIT Responsible and also Administration Assistant. 

What kind of background and studies did you come from?

BSc.(Hons) in Computer Science and Diploma in Business Studies (LCCI)

How did you get being promoted?

Personal motivation and willingness for a change in responsibilities is the key point for myself to be promoted to IT & Administration Executive.

What are your main tasks/responsibilities today?

I am the leader for Adminstration operation team, responsible for the work of my colleagues. Together, we are covering most of the administration task, such as security, office cleaner, office tools supply, phone contact, office beverage etc.

In my IT role, I do the job alone. I am responsible for taking care of the company’s IT server, CCTV, laptops, software control etc.

You are working here about 5 years now. Why do you still love to be here?

I could feel a sense of personal development in the job and at the same time feeling a sense of belonging and linking to the people I work with. Everyone wants to feel like a winner, so would like also to be part of a winning team in the company.

Additionally, Trocellen is a well established, growth enhancing and dynamic company. It provides more opportunities to learn the skills and self development. It also moving in the right path and strategy as an innovative company.   

Could you please tell a bit about your private life or hobbies to let you know better? How can you reconcile the work and the private life?

Standard working hours with 5 days and weekend holidays build the bridge to spend more times with family. And, the same time weekend activities such as jogging make more to healthy life.

What would you recommend to the new colleagues to be able to build a similarly successful career at Trocellen?

Trocellen South-East Asia has a great platform and environment for new joiner to stretch. If you maintain your motivation and mindset of learning, the company can bring a good career grow for you. Everyone is given chances in Trocellen S.E.A and moving forward is always the objective.