Martin von Lienen


Corporate Manager Finance and Administration

Tell us about how long you’ve been working for the company and what position you started in?

I have been working for Trocellen for now eleven, exciting years. I have started being in charge for Finance and Controlling at the German site.

What kind of background and studies did you come from?

My professional life started with a trainee program at Bayer AG. Figures and the story behind have been always the red thread during my studies and jobs. After working for a consultancy company in the field of restructuring, I joint Trocellen in 2011, in the middle of their restructuring.

How did you get being promoted?

First there was my interest. Second the required tasks and jobs were done. Finally, promotion in my view always just a consequence.

What are your main tasks/responsibilities today?

Providing transparency towards CEO, CFO and our shareholder Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.. This requires continues exchange with the local teams and preparation of the figures and story behind.

You are working here about 11 years now. Why do you still love to be here?

For me, Trocellen is about a great team coming up with great ideas. This leads to continuous growth of the organization and its people. I love this impressive dynamism.  

Could you please tell a bit about your private life or hobbies to let you know better? How can you reconcile the work and the private life?

My family and friends allow me to balance the various aspects in life. For me normally this happens in a rather active way such as Judo or running. Recently I started to learn yoga.

What would you recommend to the new colleagues to be able to build a similarly successful career at Trocellen?

Be curious, show your interest and take over responsibility in order to co-build  your Trocellen.