In 2012 Trocellen received the „ÖKOPROFIT“ certificate


This project was initiated by an Austrian organization, aiming to promote sustainable development in enterprises within a city or region.

In the city of Troisdorf, where Trocellen GmbH is headquartered, 11 companies participated in the project. Their common efforts resulted in cost savings of around 246,000 Euros while reducing CO2 emissions by 655 tons per year. At the same time, the project focuses on social responsibility by securing jobs and increasing employees’ motivation.

One main success factor of the project was the joint work among different participants, such as companies, institutes and experts creating an efficient network. From the 11 participating companies 1,460 motivated employees contributed to the project involving themselves in different workshops on topics such as energy, waste, hazardous substances, environment and energy management, environmental and employment law, procurement etc.

The reward for these intense efforts that took place within the time frame of one year, was the ÖKOPROFIT certificate. Trocellen is proud of this achievement and would like to thank all participants for their motivation and contribution to this success. Of course, this result is just the basis to continue improve processes and actions in order to create an even more efficient and environmentally friendly company while strengthening employees’ satisfaction and motivation.