Frank Pilz


Corporate Manager R&D

Tell us about how long you’ve been working for the company and what position you started in?

I started in February 1990, right away from University. I was hired as assistant to the former Director for production and technology of semifinished plastics of the HT Troplast group. I got small projects to work on at Trosifol (now Kururay), Trocellen, and Trovidur. In 1991 Trocellen needed support in the production area and I became assistant production manager.

What kind of background and studies did you come from?

Honestly speaking, I have a university degree in Chemical Engineering with focus on chemical process technology, plastics were orginally not in my focus.

How did you get being promoted?

With being interested in projects and activities in other areas and collecting knowledge and competence, I increased my chances for being a preferrable candidate.

What are your main tasks/responsibilities today?

Screening for new products and technologies for Trocellen for example by  cooperating with external Research Institutes. An important task is work on the introduction of Ecodesign thinking, to support Trocellen’s target to become more sustainable.

You are working here about 33 years now. Why do you still love to be here?

It never gets boring. There have been continuously upcoming new topics I could take care on, it was mostly a challenge but I always had the feeling that Trocellen encouraged me to take the risks.

Could you please tell a bit about your private life or hobbies to let you know better? How can you reconcile the work and the private life?

Badminton and ballroom dancing are my favourite sports. I like taking photos,    playing pool billard and try to go sailing at least once a year. Balancing work and private life is not easy, fortunately my wife always showed a lot of understanding when I got home late from the company.   

What would you recommend to the new colleagues to be able to build a similarly successful career at Trocellen?

Be open minded, stay curious, build up your own competence but listen to others opinions too.