Diana Azliza Binti Amat Azhar


Human Resources & Administration Assistant

Tell us about how long you’ve been working for the company and what position you started in?

I am started 12 years ago at Trocellen S.E.A, in Malaysia. My first position was  Receptionist and clerk, what is the junior level of office works in Malaysia. 

What kind of background and studies did you come from?

I have a high school degree form 6 in business subject (this is different from the European school system).

How did you get being promoted?

My Head of Department recognised my attitude and willingless to learn, so he promoted me Human Recourses & Adminstration Assistant.

What are your main tasks/responsibilities today?

My role is to handle daily adminstration works, for example, coordination on the adminstration repair works, filling, data key-in, mailing, receiving phone calls, etc.

You are working here about 12 years now. Why do you still love to be here?

I love the good environment, this is a friendly and cooperative workplace, where we can really work as a team with my colleagues.

I also like here, at Trocellen, the career stability. Although the company went through difficult moments in the recent past (I mean e.g. the Covid-19 pandemic), the company did not fired any employee and not reduced our salary. I appreciate these kind of security.

And another unusual thing: at Trocellen Malaysia, we are working 5 days/week and only 8 hours per day. The company is following the rules and motivates us for working smart. This is not a usual thing in our country.

Could you please tell a bit about your private life or hobbies to let you know better? How can you reconcile the work and the private life?

My hobbies are running and hiking, what I am just doing on the weekends.

What would you recommend to the new colleagues to be able to build a similarly successful career at Trocellen?

Trocellen is a place to develop careers by giving their employees opportunities for promotions and salaries commersurate with their work and efforts. Do your best, it will worth.