At our manufacturing plants located in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Malaysia we produce products and solutions based on polyolefin foams. Our products are used in various industries like automotive, construction and insulation, leisure and professional sport, adhesive tapes, footwear and packaging. 

Despite being active in very heterogeneous industries our solutions are all based on the same principles:

  • light weight
  • environment friendliness
  • high quality
  • stable performance and simplicity
  • long lasting

Through their excellent product properties, responsible manufacturing technologies and continuous innovation and control Trocellen products contribute to the comfort and safety of people, the sustainable development of different industries and the protection of the environment.

Example of our contribution through one of our products from Business Unit Automotive: Air ducts

Due to the properties of the closed-cell PE foam the air ducts show excellent advantages compared to rigid plastic ducts:

  • Weight reduction – up to 65 % lighter than solid air ducts
  • Thermal insulation improvement – reduction of energy loss
  • Acoustic absorption – up to 5 dB less air flow noise
  • Sealing function –no squeak & rattle
  • No condensation – no bacteria
  • Odourless material – no smell, no fogging
  • Easy production process – thermoforming and cutting
  • Easy assembly – high flexibility, good restoring behaviour
  • Easy prototyping – cost-efficient prototype tools and prototypes

For detailed information about properties, advantages and areas of application please visit our Business Unit pages.