Bio-Based Foam and Insulation


What is the difference between bio-based foam and common foam types? To save the environment, reusing materials became inevitable, but it is also very important that the new, eco-friendly product has the same performance and features.

What is Bio-Foam?

Bio-based foam is made of biomass, especially sugar cane. The process of making bio-foam is diverse from the original method, yet it has the same result.

Ethanol is necessary for making foam, but it is provided with fermented sugar cane. After that, the next step is the polymerization of this ethanol, thus producing the polymers of PE foams.

Does it mean it’s plant-based?

It is plant-based, it’s made of sugar cane. According to certifications, our bio-foam at Trocellen contains more than 92% of eco-based carbon and more than 96% of volatile solids (organic matter).

Is the foam biodegradable?

Bio-based foam is not biodegradable, but it is very durable and suitable for several applications. While it’s not compostable, it increases the lifetime of the raw material (sugar cane).

The Use of Bio-Based Foam

Bio-based foam can be used for various applications:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Shock-pad
  • Acoustic-insulation
  • Comfort
  • Fitness & leisure

For example, in the car industry interior parts, seating systems, headrests, seat cushions, and energy-absorbing features can be made of bio-foams.

Bio-Based Foam Insulation

The product has the same technical features as other foam types, so it is perfect for thermal and acoustic insulation. About foam insulation: 30 kg/m3 is the most common material in use. It is generally true that the softer the foam, the more soundproof it is. And if it’s thicker it will have better thermal insulation.

Trocellen’s Bio-Based PE

Trocellen’s bio-based polyethylene foam is certified by an accredited external laboratory. Trocellen TR-EECell represents a huge step towards environmental sustainability.

We are committed to being sustainable, and we expect our partners to do so. We only work with certified companies that won’t harm our environment.