Andrea Kunné Vörös


Logistics assistant

When did you join the company? What was your first position?

I started working for Trocellen’s Hungarian affiliate, Polifoam Kft, in 1991. At first, I worked as an assistant in trade. At that time the organisation was much smaller, and my position involved several areas, for example transport management, which would later become important.

Tell us about your background and qualifications.

I was a secondary school graduate with a language exam, I got a higher education degree while I was working.

What led to your appointment?

There have been several.

First, I became a trader, because the colleague I’d been working with left, and I took over the position. Years later I was still working in this position when I went on maternity leave, which can be as long as 3 years per child in Hungary. The company is very supportive, so I could stay at home with my children for 6 years.

When I came back, we discussed what position would suit my new situation and experience the best, and I started working in logistics.

What are your key responsibilities today?

I’ve been working in transport management at the logistics department since 2010. I’m responsible for all the product handling at the company.

You joined the company 31 years ago. Why do still like working here?

I like that we are like a family here. I get on well with my colleagues and bosses, which is very important for me. Over the past 31 years the stability of the company has provided stability in all aspects of my everyday life. Changes in my field present new challenges, so day-to-day work never gets boring.

Share something with us about your private life, about your hobbies so that we can get to know you a little bit better. Is a work-life balance difficult to achieve?

I spend most of my free time with my family, my children, and my childhood friends, and with our Bernese Mountain dog. I love nature, gardening, and sports, and I’m interested in interior design. I can always count on my parents and my husband when I need help, with them it is easier to get through difficult periods.

What is your advice for new hires? What should they do to have such a successful career at Trocellen?

Be perseverant, diligent, and loyal to the company. Every difficult period is followed by an easier one, but you have to work for change.