Foam in function

At our manufacturing plants located in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Malaysia we produce polyolefin foams. Our products are used in various industries like automotive, construction and insulation, leisure and professional sport, adhesive tapes, footwear and packaging.
Despite being active in very heterogeneous industries our solutions are all based on the same principles: light weight, environment friendliness, high quality, stable performance and simplicity.

Chemically cross-linked foams

Horizontally foamed
Foams with hard-wearing surface
Wide range of thicknesses and densities


Physically cross-linked foams

foam2 Horizontally foamed
Vertically foamed
Fine cell structure and smooth surface
PP foam with high temperature resistance
Wide range of thicknesses and densities


Various lamination processes
Adhesive coating
Die cutting
Compression moulding
Perforation and embossing

For detailed information about properties, advantages and areas of application please visit our Business Unit pages.