Trocellen Insulation’s novelty, HOMESKIN revolutionary panel is nominated to the Innovation Award!


Trocellen Insulation Business Unit introduces its novelty, the Homeskin insulating paneL at Batimat. The HOMESKIN project is organised by an Europe founded consortium under Horizon 2020.

The HOMESKIN technology is based on an exceptional material resulting from many years of research: silica aerogel. It is currently the best thermal insulation material. The project aims at developing a new silica Advanced Aerogel-Based Composite material possessing the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulation materials found in the market.

The proposed solution will bring to the market new insulation technologies that do not only possess very high thermal insulation performance but also are thinner, lighter, non flammable, and with lower CO2 and VOC emissions. The new material developed can be applied to new buildings as well as for old buildings retrofit applications.

HOMESKIN Insulating panels was introduced to the Innovation Award, and it got a nomination!

The final decision will be taken on the 18th September. Fingers cross!