Trocellen Ibérica dived into new opportunities at the Padel World Summit in Malaga


The first Padel World Summit, a global gathering of the representatives of the promising news sports arts, padel was held in Malaga later this May. The three-day event offerd wide range of opportunities for every participant, regardless of exhibitors or visitors: a World Congress, a B2B expo, an Investor Forum and Leisure events made the three days as comprehensive as it could be for the latest comet of sports.

The Padel World Summit 2024 was organized by the International Padel Cluster (IPC), a global non-profit association that brings together manufacturers, producers, and distributors of products for padel. Founded in May 2020 by 50 companies, the IPC is a padel industry specialist body at the international level. With a membership exceeding 132 companies and 165 associated brands – employing over 4,500 people and with a turnover exceeding 2 billion in 2023 – the IPC plays a fundamental role in the promotion, development, and representation of the interests of the padel industry.

Trocellen Ibérica S.A. represented our company group with an impressive booth and innovative solutions for the core padel rackets. Trocellen’s closed cell, physically crosslinked polyolefin foams (petrol based and bio based as well) could fit into the technology of padels needs – firstly, our own padel rackets with our product inside have been introduced at the Malaga event.

Moreover, Trocellen Ibérica decided to join the International Padel Cluster as a member, which is a great opportunity to be as close to the circulation of this trending new sports development as possible.