Gold Excellence Certification by IIP


“Continuous improvement” is not just a slogan at Trocellen, we ceaselessly act upon it and challenge ourselves to achieve more in this field.

Now we are proudly announcing that Trocellen Italia SpA has been awarded the important “Gold Excellence Certification” by the Italian Certification Body IIP that monitors and certifies company management systems for safety, quality and energy.

Gold Excellence Certification is reserved only for those companies who systematically improve their management skills and know-how in various areas. It recognizes the commitment to simplify procedures and to act according to them. In this context it was awardedto us in recognition of the successful integration of our quality, safety and energy systems. Our pride is even greater as this achievement was reached in 2020, which means extreme working conditions all around the world, also in Italy.

We would like to thank our employees for their dedication and resilience which they have shown working under such a difficult context.