Embossing is a process where the surface of a single foam sheet or a laminate material is given a 3D texture. For this the surface must be heated to a temperature where it becomes shapeable, than an engraved roll is pressed (with the negative version of the desired pattern) into the surface of the foam or laminate. After cooling the new structure becomes permanent, at least as long as not heated up again to a similar level.

Embossing can give the foam or laminated surface a unique, eye-catching look and a new hand feel, it can be a very important design aspect of a product, and the right kind of embossing can improve the anti-slip property of the surface too. Trocellen has a wide variety of engraved rolls, so it can offer you patterns developed by Trocellen, or it is also possible to develop a new pattern if there is need for that.

The limitation of embossing is the possible depth of the patterns that are achievable, it is roughly 1,5-2 mm.