All employees of the Trocellen Group recognize that conservation of the global environment is a serious issue confronting the international community, and we pledge to contribute to a sustainable future for the world through technological innovation that utilizes our strength in advanced materials.

Our goal is to develop products that make our lives more convenient while helping to conserve our natural resources. Our polyethylene foams offer excellent insulation properties and lightweight solutions for building and transportation. These benefits help reduce energy and construction material use.


Our polyethylene foam solutions offer long-lasting, reliable properties. These ensure that the insulating properties of our products for building insulation are guaranteed for a long time saving huge amounts of energy and optimizing resource use.


With our lightweight solutions for the automotive industry we consistently head for ever higher efficiency and effectiveness. Structural elements, air ducts, sound- and vibration-proofing parts from polyethylene foams offer an excellent combination of high-level comfort together with the benefits of improved eco-friendliness resulting from reduced raw materials use and significantly less fuel consumption.


Trocellen is committed to making its best efforts to protect the environment. Together with an energy-efficient production and our integrated management system for manufacturing, converting and sales of polyethylene foams, we focus on continuous environmental improvement. Every day.