Our personnel management policy focuses on continuously creating human resources who are capable of putting the Five Principles of the Trocellen Group Credo into practice on their own initiative.

The Trocellen Group Credo

  1. Maintain high ethical standards, and value honesty and integrity above all.
  2. Continually improve, innovate, and lead, in every area of endeavor.
  3. Take a hands-on approach that addresses the reality of every situation – in the office, at the factory, and on site.
  4. Be proactive – take the initiative and work with others, persevering until a solution is found.
  5. Maintain open channels of communication between departments and divisions, so that we can share ideals and help each other grow.

In other words, we believe that a workplace environment that encourages among all employees’ compliance and consideration for human rights serves as the foundation upon which employees can maximize their capabilities. On this basis, we are using a personnel management that will harness employees’ diverse abilities and personalities.

This should encourage employee creativity, setting the cornerstone for “continuous technological innovation.”

Human Rights Awareness

The Trocellen Group CSR Code of Conduct stipulates that we work to respect human rights, prohibiting discriminatory treatment and human rights infringement as well as prohibiting harassment.

Occupational Health and Safety

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety is one of the most important management responsibilities. Within Trocellen Group the overall rule is: “Safety first – without any exceptions.”

Trocellen have defined the following items as guideline for all responsible manager:

  1. Work to eradicate accidents by following the spirit of occupational health and safety laws
  2. Lower disaster risk by ensuring essential safety
  3. Cultivate safety human through communication, training and the 5Ss
  4. Employ a health and safety management system, and achieve independence through self-diagnosis, maintenance and improvement
  5. Target health and a pleasant workplace through mental health measures and measures to counter metabolic syndrome