Relations with Our Customers

Each of the Company’s divisions has acquired ISO 9001 certification. Through initiatives such as these to standardize our operations and work consistently to improve quality, we are striving to contribute to society by providing excellent-quality products and services from a customer perspective.

At every stage of our operations, from research and development to manufacturing, sales, customer service and management, in all sections and all hierarchies, we always strive to adhere to a PDCA management cycle based on actual facts, maintain and improve our products, customer services and the quality of our operations and put our management policies into practice.

Relations with Our Shareholders

Trocellen Group management seeks to improve upon the sound, friendly relationships we maintain with all of our stakeholders. Our Own Regulations on the Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information meanwhile set out a framework for the disclosure of appropriate information at the appropriate time.

Based on this policy, all financial reporting activities are conducted by division management. These will be consolidated within the corporate financial department and overseen by the chief financial officer.

Relations with Business Partners

Trocellen Group purchasing policy is to establish strategic relationships with business partners to ensure optimum purchasing on a steady, ongoing basis. Based on this policy, Trocellen strives to create cooperative relationships based on mutual trust with its business partners, thereby contributing to sustainable future development.

We work with our business partners on an ongoing basis on initiatives to ensure that our procurement activities involve thoroughly compliant and fair transactions and take into account human rights and safety, and consideration for the environment.

Relations with Communities

The Trocellen Group will continuously undertake social contribution activities focusing on nurturing future generations, promoting sport and culture, and living in harmony with the natural environment and local communities, in addition to its business-related activities, in order to maintain and strengthen community ties built over centuries and create a better tomorrow for future generations.