Companies for the Future Award for Polifoam


The Hungarian Joint Venture Association (JVSZ) awarded medium-sized and large companies supporting the Hungarian economy, society and a sustainable future.

This year, the 35-year-old JVSZ organized the Companies for the Future Award gala event for the first time.

At the award ceremony, the members of the Joint Venture Association were awarded the Companies for the Future Award in 2 categories – medium and large enterprise categories. They rewarded the member companies that support the Hungarian economy and society not only in their communication, but also on the basis of measured data and indicators, and do a lot for a sustainable future.

Assessment considerations:

  • Continuous growth – stability, reliability
  • Ethical business conduct
  • Sustainability
  • Social expediency
  • Employee retention, employee satisfaction

The presidency and management of JVSZ consider all three podium companies to be winners in each category, as in addition to the complexity of the award criteria, the second and third places also have a huge prestige value.

Category winners and podium companies:

  • Large enterprise category 1st place: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ZRT.
  • Large enterprise category 2nd place: CLOUD NETWORK TECHNOLOGY KFT.
  • Large enterprise category 3rd place: DELOITTE ZRT.
  • Medium enterprise category 1st place: RSM HUNGARY ZRT.
  • Medium enterprise category 2nd place: CALMIT HUNGÁRIA KFT.
  • Medium enterprise category 3rd place: POLIFOAM KFT.

We are proud of Polifoam’s outstanding appreciation, which reflects the work and energy invested by the Polifoam community over the past few years! The knowledge sharing within the Trocellen group of companies and the strategic cooperation between the companies strengthen the aspirations of the local team and support its success.