Trocellen for improved energy efficiency

Trocellen’s plant in Troisdorf has successfully passed ISO 50001 certification for implementing and maintaining its energy management system. This has been an important step for the company since one of its main targets is continuously improving energy performance.

Trocellen’s new Energy Management System consists of the necessary policies, the tools for measuring and assessing energy consumption, the targets set and the processes to follow.

First the Trocellen Energy Policy was worked out defining the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and continuous enhancement of energy efficiency. Then an energy monitoring system was installed to identify the important production processes with higher energy use. This system provides crucial information for carrying out all kinds of optimization measures. Based on the outcomes energy consumption is assessed on a regular basis and energy saving opportunities are exploited through remedial actions. In addition to this new procurement rules have been worked out and implemented with increased focus on energy use.

Passing the ISO 50001 certification has been the result of the concerted efforts of the Trocellen team. It should not be seen, however, as merely an instance of success for the moment, but rather as another major step in our permanent striving for business excellence.