General Motors quality award!

Polifoam, as the Hungarian factory unit of the Trocellen Group has won the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award in the business year 2013-14.

The current year is the third when GM’s Global Suppler and Development Department awards the Supplier Quality Excellence Award. Besides making us feel proud, this recognition of our efforts is also an incentive for further endeavor and commitment to maintain this level of quality on the long run and to further improve our processes.

Excerpt from the letter sent to us by GM’s CEO:

“The award is given to suppliers producing special products and only our top-performing production units are eligible to receive this award. Our suppliers who receive this award have met or exceeded a stringent set of quality performance criteria along with the cross-functional support of the entire General Motors organization.

 The mission of General Motors is to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles that meet the highest quality and safety requirements. The accomplishment of this objective greatly depends on the quality of the product You produce and supply to us. We are well aware that it is not easy to devote such great attention to strive for perfection in every detail on a daily basis; only a fraction of our suppliers achieve this special recognition. You are an extremely important part of the team who help us make our customers satisfied with the products they purchase from us – a partnership we value highly and for which we wish to express our gratitude to You.”